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Activities Important for Senior Health and We
Activities Important for Senior Health and Wellness
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Activities and events play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit in the elderly.

As our loved ones age, they can become bored, isolated, and disconnected, especially if they are suffering from physical or cognitive disabilities. Research from the University College London has shown that boredom can be a factor for increased risk of heart disease and stroke(1), as well as in promoting depression in senior citizens.

To help our residents reach their highest possible mental and physical functional status, we recognize that staying active and connected to others is one of the building blocks for improved physical and emotional health, and cognitive function.

Our facility is designed with several common areas, which provide opportunities for socializing and for observing the daily business of the center, as well as for activities specifically targeted at engaging and stimulating the mental processes of seniors.

For many years, scientists believed that we are born with only a limited number of brain cells, and that as they deteriorate and die, they weren’t replaced. However, a scientists at the Weismann Institute of Science in Israel have found evidence that the brain can generate new brain cells, particularly in the hippocampal area that affects memory. While our body’s cells renew themselves constantly, mental activity is necessary for the new growth of brain cells.(2)

We design our activities to with our residents’ preferences and needs in mind (bingo is a favorite!), while encouraging them to try new things (pumpkin bowling at our Fall Festival).

The research is clear that a mixture of physical activity, mental stimulation, and socialization contribute to a more comfortable and happier life for our aging loved ones.

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