How do I start Water, Sewer and Trash services with the City of Perkins?
Submit your request for new service in person at City Hall.

Print an application for new service from our website or pick one up at City Hall.

Please present proof of identity with a government-issued photo ID. Acceptable forms of identification are found on the Federal I-9 form from the Department of Homeland Security. These include U.S. and Foreign Passport, Permanent Resident or Alien Registration Receipt Card, Employment Authorization Document containing a photo, a State issued Drivers License, Federal or State issued ID card, U.S. Military Card, Military Dependent's ID Card.

Please present a copy of your lease or deed (for address verification).

Deposits range from $0 to $300, based upon your credit history. The deposit and a $25.00 service fee are collected prior to connection of services.

Please call us if you have questions: (405) 547-2445

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1. How do I start Water, Sewer and Trash services with the City of Perkins?
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