Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer

The Code Enforcement officer is responsible for follow up and remediation of public and private nuisance violations as defined by the City of Perkins Code of Ordinances.

Common Nuisances

The most common nuisances are trash, tall weeds/grass and junk vehicles.

  • City code states that "trash" including refuse, litter, ashes, leaves, debris, paper, combustible materials, rubbish, waste or matter of any kind or form shall not be left uncared for or abandoned on public or private property.
  • City code states that weeds and grass shall not exceed twelve (12) inches in height and that healthy trees, shrubs shall not constitute a detriment to the health, benefit and welfare of the public and community nor shall it create a fire or traffic hazard.
  • City code states that no person shall park, store, leave or permit the parking, storing or leaving of any motor vehicle of any kind which is in an abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, junked or partially dismantled condition upon private property for more than ten (10) days.