Help the Fire Department

Post House Numbers

  • That are easy to read
  • Can be seen from the road or driveway
  • That can be seen at night
  • On your mailbox, curb, apartment or garage
  • That are visible from all angles at a distance


  • If you have a hydrant in front of your home or business please keep them clear of tall grass, brush, vehicles or any objects that could hamper the operation of the fire department.


  • If you have a pet and you call 911 for any reason, please place your pet in a secure area away from emergency responders. Even good natured pets can become aggressive at the sight of strangers assisting their family members. Also responders are in and out the door often and we wouldn't want pets to escape.

Know Your Address

  • If you call 911 for any reason, ensure that you know your address and directions to your home. Often during the excitement of an emergency people forget their address, so it's a good idea to have it posted near a phone for easy reference by all members of your family.