Fuel Surcharge

New Fee on Utility Bills - Trash Fuel Adjustment or "TF"

Customers who are enrolled in City trash services will see a new fee line on their bills, beginning with the bill that will be due on July 11, 2022. The service code for this line will be “TF” for Trash Fuel Adjustment.

The City of Perkins currently has a contract with Davis Sanitation for our sanitation services. Per this contract, Davis Sanitation may charge the City “a 15% increase for every $1.00 per gallon over $2.75 per gallon” as a Fuel Surcharge. While Davis Sanitation has done its best to avoid enacting this clause, it has become necessary due to the significant rise in the cost of fuel.  

The “TF” charge will be calculated for each month’s City of Perkins utility bill in direct relation to the charge received from Davis for the prior month’s billed Fuel Surcharge. This will ensure equal distribution and exact collection of the amount owed to Davis.

The City of Perkins and Davis Sanitation join all of our customers in being hopeful that fuel prices will start receding and the Trash Fuel Adjustment charge will not be necessary long-term.

# # #

Trash (solid waste) fees are set by resolution by the Perkins Public Works Authority governing board. To see details regarding trash fees, please click the links below:

Resolution 9-2022 "A Resolution Amending Solid Waste Collection Fees for Fiscal Year 2023"

Resolution 10-2022 "A Resolution Amending Solid Waste Collection Fees for Fiscal Year 2022"