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Is It Time for Assisted Living?
How to Determine If It Is Time for Assisted Living
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Determining the right time for our parents, grandparents, or other aging family members to move out of their home is difficult. Here are 9 questions we encourage you and your loved one to consider.

1.    Have there been any household accidents or medical emergencies recently?

2.    Can my loved one take care of daily living? Grocery shopping, washing dishes, feeding the pet, watering the plants, cleaning up a spill?

3.    Can my loved one take care of personal daily living? Are they capable of bathing or showering, taking medication regularly, or getting outside for fresh air?

4.    Can someone check on them regularly or get to them in case of an emergency or weather situation?

5.    Have you sought their doctor’s opinion? If not, what do they think?

6.    Is your loved one content in their current situation? Are they lonely or isolated? What do they want to do?

7.    How are they doing compared to last year at this time? Are there any significant changes?

8.    What is your situation? Can you give them the care and time that they need?

9.    What do others say? Have you sought feedback from family members, neighbors, or friends?

If you aren’t sure, please contact us and we can provide more information and resources to assist you in this very difficult time in your loved one’s life and your own.

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