School Resource Officer

The Perkins Police Department has an Officer that is assigned full-time to the Perkins-Tryon school system. The School Resource Officer's main goal is to ensure the safety and security of our children and to maintain a positive environment for our children to learn in.

School Resource Officers are trained to deal with potential problem areas such as child abuse, adolescent stress, dysfunctional families, and working with children with special needs. School Resource Officers are trained on strategies to maintain a safe school environment and focus on areas related to school safety such as assaults, theft, burglary, bomb threats, weapons, alcohol and drug incidents. Sergeant Shane Dean is certified as a School Resource Officer through the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO).

Examples of the School Resource Officer's Daily Functions: 

  • Respond to calls for service at the schools
  • Patrol all three campuses to ensure the safety of our children as well as promoting interaction between the children and police officers
  • Conduct presentations to the children on various subjects
  • Provide mentoring to students
  • Investigate any criminal activity at the schools
  • Educate the students and staff about crime prevention and other various programs

The School Resource Officer position is funded in a partnership between the Perkins Police Department and Perkins-Tryon Public Schools and is a vital position for our department. Sergeant Shane Dean is always open to hear from students, parents, or other community members. Sergeant Dean can be reached by calling the Perkins Police Department at 405-547-2855.